Good morning !

Well the weather here is very, as my Scottish husband would say,is 'Dricht' which means dull - dark and cold, but for me it is perfect weather... maybe because Im a autumn baby but this is my favourite part of the year.... a day for snuggly clothes,hot tea and knitting......Autumn is a time of year that some people say is marking the end of something as in the leaves falling but I always see it as the start of something - maybe that is because I always loved starting school and getting school supplies and getting ready for christmas.   Saying that  I have loved getting the Christmas boxes ready and some have shipped already so cannot wait to see what the reaction is .... Im already planning in my head what colours I can do for the valentine season and the Easter season .. Oh my!... think of all the colours I can use for Easter Egg yarn :0)  anyway I digress .... I need to get my shop and website updated for the market night at 8pm tonight - so my to do list is growing.  

I have discovered that there is alot more to running my little business than I thought but I love it so much - the planning and the making and the creating and that is why I am still in my PJ's as I write this post lol, sipping my power green protein smoothie ;0) so  Happy Thursday to all you lovely people and hope you have a very creative day whatever you are doing .... Vykky x