Hello you lovely crafty people - hope you are all well - here in Sussex the weather is very changeable and rainy so I am at home now - I have posted parcels to customers this morning and been out to replenish my ribbon supplies 

Well its official Im totally crazy about yarn - dyeing it , knitting with it , trying to make project bags to go with it .... just mad..when you are dreaming of yarn and colours for batches - you know you are just a 'tad' obessessed

Let me explain, I started my business at the beginning of September and typical me, I want it all NOW! but I need to do is be realistic ... my head is spinning with ideas about where I want to be in a year when what I need to do is just...... breathe.....colours, wool, 

 For all of your who dont know me that is very hard - I like to do everything at 150mph which is good if I want to get the washing or housework done but NOT when you are running a business... to be honest I didnt think I would be as busy as it is  and especially the Christmas Mystery boxes .... I listed them and then 'bang' I had orders coming out of my ears so I have felt I have been trying to catch up ..... So today I had  very good 'chat with myself' and have spent the last two hours ordering stock, postal boxes, wool.  

So now I am going to work on my fairisle project as havent had chance all weekend.