I have acheived my goal today and recorded my first ever podcast - it was such fun and you can find it on the following link - please also find my show notes below as promised

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Ravelry - WGLYVykky

#Community Sampler by @Maureencracknell on IG

Cross stitch notion case from @tinyhumanknits

pink stripey socks by twisted limone

red stripey by kate selene

bunnies and eggs by Giddy yarns 

Shop updat - 26th April at 6pm BST

Flockfest on 12th May at Flock on the plain in Pewsey Wiltshire

Bluebell cardigan by Kate Davies on Ravelry

Sunset Highway by Caithline Hunter on Ravelry

Denmark - yarn is Vital superwash from @nicolagarn on IG  

Forgot to mention I have a sock club every month please see Etsy shop for more details

My sister is called Angie and is @anyalulu22 on IG - link for her shop will be in her profile