So cometh the week cometh .... Me ..... lol well this is the moment Ive been waiting for my first show - eeek so excited - its a funny feeling as I cant wait to meet new people and Im used to going to shows not being an exhibitor - my sister Angie and I are so excited...anyway I digress.... so much to do .... so what do you do when this happens ?? you compile a list - whilst still in bed with a cup of tea and a fig roll - gotta love a fig roll....So I got up with  a list to end all list for this day of practicalities ... packing up the yarn - getting eyelashes infilled ..... hang on a minute how is that yarn related ? .... its not ... its just nice lol so this morning I spend compiling an inventory to help keep a record over the weekend as i have over 60 new colours ! Yep you read that right ...60 new colours that are not on my etsy shop - so now i know that next time i will dye 5 of each colour and put some in the shop and have some for the show - that way the inventory is automatically compiled in etsy lol ready to take with me 


I did have a moment when I thought - can I do this ? will my yarn sell ? so I feel that this weekend it is shit or bust !!! ha ha  .. If it goes well then this is my new career 🙏 and if not then what ?🤓  well I still have 3 more shows to do this year so I wont be beaten - I have discovered a secret weapon - Social media and esecially Instagram live - I I had a live session on Sunday 😍in the loft and just loved it so thats going to be a regular thing -  I just need to be more organised with getting the camera in a good spot lol.

Anyway if you are reading this then thank you but if not then Im just going to send this out there to the universe 

happy days and happy times and heres to the weekend - shit or bust lol