Never let anyone dull your sparkle !

I have been knitting since the age of 8 when I had to teach myself to knit being left handed. I have always loved the different types of wool that have been available until my sister Angie introduced me to artisan and handyed wool then the magic was revealed. It has been quite a journey to understand and use handyed wool especially the rewinding the skeins into balls etc ( A lot of wool has been lost ) but a journey that has now resulted in my little business . I create all my hand dyed yarn in my loft hence the name West Green Loft yarns and as a new enterprise I am very excited to bring you the fruits of my labour and hope you enjoy and purchase them and create lots of lovely articles.

I have now exhibited at Unravel this year and will be at Fibreeast on 29th July - and the Perth in Scotland and then Nottingham - see you thereĀ 

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